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2008 pysanky
or, eggs crack, did you know that...?

These came out pretty nice; but unfortunately, I don't remember what I did to make ’em look good—fancy cake decorating dye? Cold eggs? (That's how you get the spots of color: cold eggs "weep" or sweat dots of moisture, carrying the dye with it—quite a cool effect)

pysanky, in progress.

I do remember a lot of cracking, both during the boiling, and the dying. But one of the beauties of food safe dyes is that (at least theoretically) if some leaks into your egg, it's still edible. I'm still alive, at any rate:)


Because the post follows the images (not to mention the event) by over a year, I've put thumbnails of the individual eggs all on this page, rather than making separate posts for each. Click on each for 512 pixel version, and then click on the 512 version that comes up if you need the full-size giant version.

my fave.


second view


ok, I've run out of cutesy little comments...


photos 22mar08, post 13apr09