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2009 Brown Pysanky Egg
testing a couple of things...

I went back and reread, or at least skimmed, all my old pysanky posts, and summarize here:

brown egg, dipped in "purple" dye.

To hardboil eggs:

Place (ideally) room temperature eggs in pan of cold water. Bring to boil. Boil gently 1 minute; let sit for 25. Eggs are ready to dye.

another view. Paper is a map for scrapbooking—supposed to be a "fancy" background...

Other tips:

  • dip eggs in vinegar to etch
  • 1 dye tablet to 1/2 C warm water to 3T vinegar
  • beeswax sticks better, candle wax chips better
  • using liquid wax in candle is faster
  • tip of tool must be good and hot!

Obviously, this blunter tipped tool makes good dots. Tip just has to be really hot.

Removing Wax:

For pastels, use boiling water method. Candle flame actually works relatively well, provided wax is very hot and "sheets" on egg. Then—and only then—does it completely wipe away. (I wussed out in places on this egg, as you see...)

I love making large curliQs. Any my wax removal is improving.

Creative ideas:

Blue tends to be a very dense color. Try dying egg blue, then covering dye with wax, dipping in vinegar to rinse and dying in a pastel yellow or green...?

Sprinkling coarse salt? Dying eggs cold? Dying (esp brown) eggs with tea or turmeric?

this egg was raw; decorated & photographed, 13apr09.

egg decor, photo, post, 13apr09.


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