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But there isn't a Ukrainian Shop for Miles Around!
Or, Make Your Very Own Wax Stylus

The stylus is a simple device consisting of a metal cone, open at the tip, wired onto a handle. That's it. My spouse and I made two of them in half an hour or so, when the kids each demanded their own. It's not at all difficult.

If you cannot find a Ukrainian supply for this device, you can make your own pretty easily out of a tin can, with metal shears, some wire, and a stick. My spouse used a wooden stick; I used a borosilicate rod.

Cut a little piece of metal out the can with shears (the tip measures about 3/8” (8mm) long and use pliers to fold it into a cone with a tiny hole at the apex.

stylus consists of a bent cone attached to handle via a tang wrapped with something—metal wire is ideal, as it doesn't burn.

Make a tab or tang on the cone, and use wire (I imagine anything from about 28–18 ga will work) to attach the tip by laying the tab against the handle and wrapping wire to hold it in place. Grind the tip of the cone flat; bend the tab so the cone is angled like the picture.

Easy, huh?


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