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Some Tips and Tricks,
I have way too much time and too big a Compact Flash, card, right?

I've been meaning to put up more howtos for awhile now. In the interests of avoiding link-rot, the howtos previously incorporated in to the site will stay put until I figure out how to put them in both places. (I really, really hate link rot. This is why I generally only put a link to an off-site's main index page—I figure that will stay put, and you can use a search engine, if necessary, to find the topic you want—because some of these pages hang around for years and I don't want to have to constantly fix the links.)

If you're particularly interested in a topic, email me. Someday I'd like to add some of the bloggy-type features that allow direct posts, but that's for the future. Alas, for right now, you actually have to go to the effort of clicking on my name at the bottom of the page.

natural light may not be informative, but it's cool...

This page of my first efforts at the 100 beads in two colors (Effetre 022 grass green and 204 opaque white) also includes 4 links to later pages detailing my interpretations of various exercises in the ‘Creative Play Group’ started by Elise Swope. Updated 02may05.


Though the beads depicted are not especially exciting, this page does discuss some methods I use to make stripeys. Page dated 21apr05, failed to be posted 20apr05 and index updated 02may05


I've posted some pix of my various studios. The index page includes flameworking and beadstringing studios from both the old and new houses, and if you're looking for the “infamous spider pic” from my old basement studio, well, here it is. (03mar05)


The picture will take you offsite to page of Lisa Walsh of Abednego Beads demonstrating that I created for Glassact251; I don't have pictures, but here's a link to my notes about the Thompson Enamel 7000/8000 series for ‘Spectrum and Bullseye’ (sort of....) 20Oct04


Okay, so cleaning and drilling beads is not very thrilling. Doing it, however, will add to the appearance and professionalism of your beads, though. (29mar04)


How I shoot slides of beads and jewelry (28jan04)


If you like dots & want to do florals, this will get you started (09jan04)


How to put a hollow bead on mandrel. Or 2, if you like. This page is an older version of the hollow bead make&clean howto


Striking silver pink: 900 words can be summed as ‘let it be’.


About GLBG's 300 10th anniversary commemorative beads. This is an older pictorial sequence, before I was using arm rests. (In fact, this was the project that inspired me to start using arm-rests...) Includes a picture of a hollow being marvered from the top with a stump shaper, about half or 2/3 way down the sequence.


More to come?