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The ST Studios...
busily taking over the house

I get a big kick out of reading about and seeing other people's studios, so here I post some pix to some of mine:


2023 St Patrick's Day edition of tidy studio.


tidy stringing desk with bonus shot of my pliers rack. 03oct2022


Tidy studio 2015, fall equinox version.


Annual Tidy Studio pic... 30mar2015


Tidy studio, circa 2008. 08mar2013


Dichro green & aqua plant hanger. 13mar2013


chistmas cactus bloom 27feb2013


I love tidy studios, so why do I manage them only about every 4 years? Originally posted 21oct08. 21oct2008


I celebrated the 2006 new year with fancy new trim for my studio 22jan2020


studio chest of drawers, painted & even somewhat made by the artist. 26aug2005


Installation of the new copper hood. 24aug2005


Since I'm not trying to copy anything—marble, malachite, woodgrain, even cracked and crumbling plaster (we have that for real—no faux needed!) my approach for painting walls using multiple layers and a lambswool roller is not, strictly speaking `faux painting'. But that's what people typically...


Faux painting howto. this is one of those t,l,d pages that needs cleanup. 25mar2005


Collects together pix of my various studios over the years. 25mar2005


Shafted: adding the exhaust fan to my studio. 2004? 25mar2005


By 2004 I'd made good progress in setting up my new studio. Here's a tidied up version photographed during that period. 25mar2005


All those books and articles always make these projects so easy—just do a, b, and c, and you're all set. But, inevitably, there are problems. Lots of them. Coping with difficulties is not so much obstacles to get around, as almost, it sometimes seems to me, the point. So here are some of my w...


Shows the steps in making the GLBG's 10th anniversary commemorative bead. 22may2004


Here's a shot of my first floor stringing studio at the old house. Probably dates from the late 90s or early 2000s. 22may2004


A fairly tight shot of my old basement flameworking studio , with a buddy...I didn't have adequate ventilation upstairs for flameworking at the old house, nor any good and secure way of installing it. The commemorative bead series also has some shots of this working space. 22may2004


Ugh, it just occurred to me that I ought to put the photography studio/setup pages here too. Well, not today.... And there's the giftwrapping area, also just now cleaned up, but, thankfully, I have no pix of it!