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2013 heart challenge index
All the 2013 heart beads...

Since the posts featuring these series of beads are spread over three years, I thought I'd create a handy index for them.

Denise Billup-Walker's zebra hearts.

Denise's beads, with that bold, stripey quality, are amongst my faves, and so quite appropriate to showcase the collection.


2016 heart charm bracelet includes many gifts &/or scavenged items. 09mar2016


collects together all the posts about 2013 heart bead challenge. 11feb2016


more 2013 heart shaped beads... 10feb2016


2013 valentine heart bead exchange. 09feb2016


Cindi B makes some sweet black and red hearts. 19feb2013


I make a bunch of heart-breasted beads to satisfy a Valentine's challenge and practice sculptural beadmaking. 16feb2013