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Beautiful in Blue:
a Glassact Round Robin Bracelet

This page started out as a way to get rid of a tag, used only twice on consecutive posts. I like to find roughly contemporaneous pieces for these old pages, but I made a ton of pages on 5Jan2010, no doubt for the same reason I'm making a ton of pages now (in Nov 2017)—because the website tools had been upgraded, and I was taking advantage (of finding formerly “lost” stuff. But here we are in 2023 and I'm still finding “lost” stuff...) Some of my efforts didn't pan out, hence blank pages hanging around in limbo.

Shot 5Mar2009: the very center blue-green bead with goldstone trailing might be by Lydia Muell.[1]

In much the same way, my guild would start a ‘round-robin’ bracelet exchange in 2009 that was supposed to take six months. I think we kind of gave up after three years, and some people never did get their bracelets; afaik, both the guild bracelets also disappeared.

Showing the creator's idea, with my bead sort of showcased on the page—good thing too, because now, some 8 years later, I barely remember which one was mine. Hint: it's the one with the frosted 4mm silver ball, directly above the “tooth” bead.

One reason, even though I liked the piece as a whole, that it didn't get documented sooner is that I put spacerbar dangles on most of the bracelets; iirc I simply didn't have time to do that for this one, so it's languished on my hard-drive. Now with some years’ perspective, I don't really think my bead is so bad, if not to the level of sophistication of some of the others.

Another artist's contribution, that I particularly admired.

This was one of—perhaps my very favourite—bracelets. I was particularly fascinated by the ‘tooth’ cabochon mixed glass and silversmithed pendant, which I liked so much I documented the maker notes for it.


Last of the spacerbar bracelets. Completed 29jul13, 10apr2018


my exchange bracelet 27sep2017


Kim's beads were based very strongly upon the lentil she herself used as the `seed' for her bracelet, in browns with pink and turquoise spots. 23jun2012


Sheryl's bracelet: something of a hodgepodge. 26sep2023


I take a break from spacerbar charms to make a skull for a day of the dead bracelet 26sep2023


spacerbar bracelet featuring blues and greens. Part of glassact's round robin bracelet exchange. 27sep2023


DD wanted something `chunky'. Or at least a fun shape. Hm, hard to do with mini-hollows... 14feb2012


Sheila Morley's bracelet is rich in earth tones. 10jun2010


VR's entry in the Glassact round-robin bracelet project features vivid orange, turquoise and lime beads. 10jul2010


blue example of our guild's round robin bracelet. 28sep2023


Glassact is having a round robin bracelet project featuring charms made with our own lampwork. 15dec2009


Glassact is having a round robin bracelet project featuring charms made with our own lampwork. 3rd in the series. 09dec2009


Glassact is having a round robin bracelet project featuring charms made with our own lampwork. 4th in the series. 10dec2009


I made this spacerbar charm in green and purple for my own bracelet in the glassact round-robin charm bracelet project. 08dec2009


[1]It's certainly a simplified version of her encased floral panel tutorial. As she also taught a workshop for our guild around this time, it's also possibly a student attempt. In any event, a lovely bead.