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Poinsetta Wrapped Gift,
Or, I go all-out for luxurious materials.

At least, so far as gift-wrapping goes. I actually paid $5 for this luscious, beautiful paper at a hallmark store. The ribbon is wire-edged fabric, which I purchased some years ago at 90% off from a shop going out of business, while on vacation, but never felt I had a paper worthy of, till now.

poinsetta wrapped gift. Wire-edged ribbon, ripped ribbon, silk roses, black tulle. 2007.

It was a pair of bicycle pants, quite boring, so I felt the wrapping really needed to be something special: for me, that was the main gift.

And no, the roses weren't a sly nod to the upcoming Valentine's Day. At least not consciously. I just like them—they're my favorite flower—and they were lying around and in the right colors, and I thought they'd go nicely with the poinsetta/floral theme. Or the fact that I wanted to show in some little way what I feel for the person I love best in all the world.

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