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Autumn themed gift wrap
doesn't quite work...

I should've dug around a little more for a better base paper, but I didn't—this heavy silver stuff was lying out, and though not really ideal for a baby shower gift—too formal—at least it wasn't, like the bulk of my papers, xmas themed. So I was handicapped from the start.

The box is roughly 9" square. Silk flowers, raffia, ribbon. 3oct08.

The gift in question is bright orange and green, and I would've liked very much to have decorated the item with some orange. (With black, for Halloween, a favorite holiday of the recipient.) Alas, no orange bows, no orange curling ribbon. No black, either. So then I thought perhaps a floral theme might be good for a baby, so I dug out some silk flowers in autumnish colors. I had some soft lime yarn, and figured raffia and the straw colored rustic ribbon would also work. Gold seemed too shiny, so I added in some coral beads.

Shot amongst my orange-yellow mums, the piece looks pretty successful, which just goes to show that setting really does matter.

But I've done better.

photography, file created 3oct08.


Autumn themed giftwrap using rustic materials. Collects the autumn-themed giftwrap pages. Originally posted 04oct08. 04oct2008


Thin gold stripes accent major focal point and wrapping paper 22may2004


Inspiration from Japan 22may2004