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Howto Bead & Jewelry Photography,
Or, really, just a few tips and tricks.

Collects the posts with photo tips in ’em. Also, here's the .pdf of the photography mini-workshop I gave at GlassAct's 2007 winter retreat, which some folks said they found was helpful. Most of the time you'll have to read a lot of boring guff about beads and jewelry to get one lil nugget of info. Of course, if you yourself are a bead or jewelry-maker (the audience to whom this really is directed) that might not be so painful...

file created 3jun08.


mixed media card and letter, april 2023 21jul2023


This post about bighole beads of 2007 & beyond also discusses some styling issues for photography. Originally posted 3jun08. 03jun2008


In which both Kristin & Sylvus make incremental improvements. Originally posted 10aug07. 10aug2007


Mini-stripeys Orginally posted 09aug06. 08sep2006


I celebrated the 2006 new year with fancy new trim for my studio 22jan2020


How I shoot slides of beads and jewelry (28jan04) 24aug2005


Shafted: adding the exhaust fan to my studio. 2004? 25mar2005


Faux painting howto. this is one of those t,l,d pages that needs cleanup. 25mar2005


Since I'm not trying to copy anything—marble, malachite, woodgrain, even cracked and crumbling plaster (we have that for real—no faux needed!) my approach for painting walls using multiple layers and a lambswool roller is not, strictly speaking `faux painting'. But that's what people typically...


All those books and articles always make these projects so easy—just do a, b, and c, and you're all set. But, inevitably, there are problems. Lots of them. Coping with difficulties is not so much obstacles to get around, as almost, it sometimes seems to me, the point. So here are some of my w...


Just the one bead , but includes a shot of the setup used to photograph it, too. (posted 17dec03) 22may2004



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