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Snow Leopards

Tigers are the popular (big) cat to do, but I love working with frits and powders, so I made these little (25mm or less) hollow leopard heads. I photographed these beads 9jun2010, so they were probably made shortly before then.

glass kitty.

Like all of my cat heads, they're originally based on Joy Cichewicz's tiger heads, which she makes by casing an ivory bead with ivory and black twistie, and then casing in amber (SOP for making ‘tiger’ beads). However I've messed with the formula a good deal to achieve my own look, though I'm still using the colored transparent to build the nose. The muzzle is Loren Stump's method of laying down black, then three dots for each of the cheek pads and chin and letting them flow together to make the black chops. One change I've made to Joy's design is to case the ivory parts of the muzzle in clear to make it flow better into the rest of the bead, which Joy does not, as she prefers to have a sharp, graphic distinction.

The scum and bubbles (especially evident in the ears) from working too hot or using crummy glass are all my own, however.

3/4 view.

I used fine blue goldstone frit and a special coarse white enamel my friend Cindi B gave me to represent snow or clouded leopard fur.

almost profile

Unfortunately, Cindi wasn't precisely certain where she got this wonderful enamel—she told me the name of a teacher, but the woman had no memory of it.[1]

Obviously I liked this one a lot:)

I contacted Fusion products, who are still waiting on me to send them a sample of this stuff, to see if they can duplicate it. But they had no records of anything this size either, and it's a very strong, opaque—not at all fritted 204, which is translucent at that size.

I'm pretty lazy about signing my beads, but occasionally, I do, particularly if they have an obvious ‘underside’ as these do (and I'm really happy with the way they come out, of course.)

Side view, golden eyed version.

Side view of a golden eyed snow leopard. This bead is not quite as good, and I got tired of loading images...really it's pretty similar.

14apr2018 —added caption to last photo, as its lack was borking the page indexing.


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[1]Actually, I'm inclined to believe Cindi was correct, as her memory, like so many people who are not obsessive list makers, tends to be very good—whereas a teacher, teaching hundreds of classes over the years, could easily forget a long ago material.